Build Responsibly in a Floodplain

Any construction of a new structure commending on or after the date of effective ordinance.

Substantial Improvement

When the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, additions, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50 % of the fair market value.

Substantial Damage

When a structure receives damages and the cost of all repairs equals or exceeds 50% of the building’s fair market value.

Contact the Town of Jean Lafitte at 504.689.2208.

Due to requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program and the overall goal for a more hazard-resistant and sustainable community, Jefferson Parish’s Ordinance – Chapter 14 looks at the height requirements for residential and non-residential buildings. Be sure to hire a licensed contractor who knows the rules.

Prevent flood damages and save money in insurance by building higher in floodplains.

Residential New Construction Updates and Non-Residential New Construction Updates

Zone AE Elevation Standards:

  • Base Flood Elevation on the 2018 FIRM + 2 ft of freeboards
  • Space below BFE cannot be larger then 299 square ft

Non-Residential New Construction Updates:

  • Base Flood Elevation on the 2018 FIRM + 2 ft of freeboard

Although the Town of Jean Lafitte ordinance states the minimum height requirements, it is important to follow these tips to save money.